Annapolis Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) Coalition

The ultimate goal of the ASAP coalition is to create positive community change in Annapolis.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary, ASAP!

About Us

It has been identified that there is a critical need for a community based coalition in the zip codes 21401 and 21403 located in Annapolis, Maryland.

Overall, Anne Arundel County’s most significant health issues are found in our very own community of Annapolis. As stated in the Anne Arundel Community Health Assessment of Need (CHNA), the city of Annapolis is ranked 2nd highest for alcohol consumption and abuse for ages 12 to 20.

In the summer of 2016, Serenity Sistas’ Inc. developed a partnership with Restoration Community Development Corporation (RCDC) to form the ASAP Coalition.

The Annapolis Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) coalition will work in the community promoting public health, safety, and wellness for Annapolis families and community members.

ASAP Coalition’s Mission
To facilitate healthy community change to prevent and reduce alcohol & opioid use, among youth & young adults, through locally lead collaborations & evidence-based prevention strategies.

ASAP Coalition’s Goal
To provide and implement early evidence-based prevention strategies reducing alcohol and drug use, among 12-17 year old Annapolis youth. 

The ASAP coalition will align themselves with the Maryland Strategic Prevention Framework (MSPF) goals by facilitating a systematic, data driven approach. We will generate and monitor priorities for the prevention, of the targeted population, of alcohol consumption levels and substance abuse in the City of Annapolis, Maryland.

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Contact Us!

ASAP Coalition Coordinator: Angel Traynor
ASAP Coalition Co-Coordinator: Sheryl Menendez
ASAP Coalition Chair: Jerry Sutton
ASAP Coalition Co-Chair: Holly Frye-Atcherson


PHONE NUMBER – 443-837-5892

Follow Us On Snapchat: asapcoalition

Upcoming Meetings

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